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Bear Mountain Orchards

Location: Adams County, PA

Ingredient: Apples

When you savor one of our flatbreads or order up a meal of crispy duck, you’ll delight in the sweet stylings of Bear Mountain Orchards, a family-owned and -operated business of 75+ years. At Cooper’s Mill, we roast the farm’s apples – Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp, and Rambo, among them – to highlight their natural flavors.

Bell and Evans

Location: Lebanon County, PA

Ingredient: Chicken

We know that healthy chicken makes all the difference, which is why we love Bell and Evans, a Pennsylvania farm that raises its chickens humanely – and then air-dries their final product, to improve on already great flavor. At Cooper’s Mill, we use their chicken on all our sandwiches, salads, and flatbreads.

Taharka Brothers Creamery

Location: Baltimore, MD

Ingredient: Ice Cream

Crafted by two Baltimore brothers, this premium creamery not only churns up a superb ice cream (14.5% butterfat), but also gives back to our Maryland community. At Cooper’s Mill, we serve their all-natural, small-batch (5-gallon) flavors, which deliver on both standard favorites (chocolate and cookie dough) and novelty finds, including salty caramel, Jazzman Blues, and olive oil & sea salt.

Chapel’s Creamery

Location: Talbot County, MD

Ingredient: Cheese

Known for its handmade, farmstead cheeses, Chapel’s Creamery is a family-owned and award-winning creamery known for its sustainable practices, outstanding milk, and delightful cheese. At Cooper’s Mill, we feature their creations in our pretzel dip, mac & cheese, and on our burgers and sandwiches.

Thunder Beast

Location: Union Kitchen, DC

Ingredient: Root Beer

The DC soda company that makes the world a better place, Thunder Beast not only brews the Mid-Atlantic’s best root beer, but also donates 10% of their profits to fight injustices like bullying and human trafficking. At Cooper’s Mill, Thunder Beast root beer proudly features on our drinks menu.

Lyon’s Bakery

Location: Union Market, DC

Ingredient: Bread

At the crossroads of traditional bread-making and the latest technologies, Lyon’s Bakery creates world-class artisan breads, baked fresh daily and free of preservatives or chemicals. At Cooper’s Mill, Lyon’s buns and breads serve as the foundation of our burgers and sandwiches.

Olli Salumeria

Location: Mechanicsville, VA

Ingredient: Meat

Founded on tradition and a product of old family recipes, Olli Salumeria is dedicated to curing flavorful and healthy salami – an experience, more than a product – from simple, clean ingredients. At Cooper’s Mill, we use Olli’s artisanal, fine-cured meats on our flatbreads.

Island Bwoy Cuisine

Location: Marlow Heights, MD

Ingredient: Spices

From a born Jamaican and inspired by the island, Island Bwoy Cuisine is known for bold flavors that stimulate your taste buds and thrill your palate. At Cooper’s Mill, we serve their delicious chicken sausage on our breakfast buffet.

Barboursville Vineyards

Location: Barboursville, VA

Ingredient: Wine

Reaching back to the time of our founding fathers, the heritage of Barboursville Vineyards is rooted in Virginia quality and Italian viticultural traditions. At Cooper’s Mill, we are proud to feature the winery’s Barboursville Viognier, a sultry and full-bodied white.

Crow Vineyards & Winery

Location: Kennedyville, MD

Ingredient: Wine

With an eye for authenticity, Crow Vineyards is a third-generation, award-winning working farm and winery that focuses on growing and crafting wines expressive of Maryland soil, climate and geography. At Cooper’s Mill, we feature their versatile, bright Crow Barbera Rosé.

Catoctin Distillery

Location: Purcellville, VA

Ingredient: Rye Whiskey

Proud producer of Virginia’s most awarded spirits, Catoctin Distillery sources local ingredients and replicates old-world production methods to craft a spice-forward tribute to – and from – Virginia, with love. At Cooper’s Mill, the distillery’s superb rye whiskey is a favorite at our bar.

Devils Backbone

Location: Roseland, VA

Ingredient: Beer

A mid-sized brewing company in neighboring Virginia, Devils Backbone is a hard-working, award-winning, adventure-loving brewery. At Cooper’s Mill, we serve their Vienna Lager (smooth, medium-bodied, and semi-sweet) and 8 Point IPA (four malts + brash American hop varieties like Bravo, Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo, and Centennial).

Old Line Spirits

Location: Baltimore, MD

Ingredient: Liquor

Award-winning Old Line Spirits is a company dedicated to bold spirits, bold flavors, and even bolder stories. At Cooper’s Mill, we carry Old Line Caribbean Rum, a unique cask-aged rum – savor notes of vanilla and butterscotch, with tropical pinch-hitters pineapple and coconut – that ages for 7 to 11 years in bourbon barrels.

Port City Brewing

Location: Alexandria, VA

Ingredient: Beer

Voted the Small Brewing Company of the Year, Port City Brewing is the oldest packaging brewery in metropolitan D.C. At Cooper’s Mill, our bar offers their bottled Downright Pilsner (a Bohemian-style, brilliant gold pilsner brewed in the Czech style), as well as rotating, seasonal keg offerings.

DC Brau Brewing Company

Location: Washington, DC

Ingredient: Beer

When you blend real ingredients with real brew masters, you get the real beers of DC Brau, an award-winning brewery in D.C. At Cooper’s Mill, we serve The Public, DC Brau’s flagship brew: an American pale ale that incorporates Vienna & Medium Crystal Malts, and Centennial hops.

7 Locks Brewing

Location: Rockville, MD

Ingredient: Beer

From grain to glass, 7 Locks Brewing – located in the heart of Montgomery County – is all about craft beer, simplified. At Cooper’s Mill, we love their draft Redland Lager, an earthy malt that blends floral and caramel aromas in an easy-to-drink and even-easier-to-enjoy beer.

Jailbreak Brewing Company

Location: Laurel, MD

Ingredient: Beer

Celebrating freedom – freedom from drama, from stress, and from life – Jailbreak Brewing Company offers a bold-flavored escape to craft brews. At Cooper’s Mill, we offer a variety of Jailbreak drafts, including Feed the Monkey (an Orange Hefeweizen) and Goldie Hon (a hoppy Blonde Ale).

Heavy Seas Brewery

Location: Baltimore, MD

Ingredient: Beer

Reflecting a quest for new flavors and novel cultures, Heavy Seas Brewery invites you to climb aboard an adventure in craft-brewed goodness. At Cooper’s Mill, we feature Heavy Seas’ flagship Loose Cannon IPA, a carefully cultivated interplay of Simcoe, Palisade, and Centennial hops with notes of grapefruit, herbs, and pine."
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